Us: a project

Us: a project, conceived and conceptualized by Nathan Trice was created to explore central ideas of existentialism including freedom, authenticity, anxiety and the absurd.

Trice is preparing for the second season of Us: a project through a collaborative collective made of one philosopher, psychoanalyst, economist, writer and a number of artistic directors.

The objective is to explore french psychoanalyst/philosopher Felix Guattari’s theories on capitalism and schizophrenia. Guattari believed schizophrenia to be an extreme mental state induce by the capitalistic system itself, and one that enforces neurosis as a way of maintaining normalcy. Trice is interested in creating a number of tableauic, deconstructive inquiries based on Guattari’s theories as a means to illustrate the parts, the assemblage and functioning of those parts, and how that functioning makes up the symbiotic relationships of capitalism and schizophrenia.

Us: a project presents, Capitalism & Schizophrenia; an inquiry dynamic.

Past Work

In 2009 Trice premiered Us: a project in a very unusual manner by creating four fifteen-minute works that begin and end simultaneously in adjoining quadrant studios after which audience members rotate in a clockwise fashion.

With-in each studio dancers introduce a series of habitual patterns they either struggle to follow or break free from in an attempt to convey an understanding or response to one of the four dispositions: “They, Us, Together, Myself“. The dancers delivered a combination of virtuosic movement, symbolic gesture, sound effects, song and cryptic text that allowed the audience to witness how each of them diagrammatically map out the terrain of their social psychology as a means to understand their disposition.

The aim of the premier was to investigate the external appearances and underlying design of our absurd transitory states of commune, our need to believe in things absurd, our absurdity of togetherness and the absurdities of our ephemeral inner-vision.

New York IDANZ online writes,
Existential experimental dance theater at its finest, Nathan has put together a stellar group of multi-talented artists.