Us: a project is a collective of philosophers, psychoanalysts, sociologists, economists, scientists, technologists, writers and choreographers that come together to collaboratively explore humane states of commune, belief, togetherness and inner-vision.

Trice will be preparing a second season of Us: a project where he’ll explore french psychoanalyst/philosopher Felix Guattari’s theories on capitalism and schizophrenia. Guattari believed schizophrenia to be an extreme mental state induce by the capitalistic system itself, and one that enforces neurosis as a way of maintaining normalcy.

Trice is interested in creating a number of tableauic, de-constructive inquiries based on Guattari’s theories as a means to illustrate the parts and the assemblage & functioning of those parts that engineer the persisting symbiotic relationship between capitalism and schizophrenia.

Working title: Capitalism & Schizophrenia: an inquiry dynamic.

Past Work

In 2009 Trice premiered Us: a project in a very unusual manner by creating four fifteen-minute works that begin and end simultaneously in adjoining mirrored quadrant studios, after which audience members rotate in a clockwise fashion.

With-in each mirrored studio dancers introduce a series of socializing habitual patterns they either struggle to follow or break free from in an attempt to convey and express an understanding of either of the four dispositions, “They, Us, Together, Myself“. The combination of reflecting mirrors virtuosic movement, symbolic gesture, sound effects, song and cryptic text allowed audiences to lose their selves in the layered reflections of themselves and how the dancer diagrammatically map out the terrain of their social psychology.

New York IDANZ online writes,
Existential experimental dance theater at its finest, Nathan has put together a stellar group of multi-talented artists.