Strange Love: EPISODES, an episodic multi-media Jazz performance about our unique, eccentric, odd, quaint or outlandish experiences & expressions of courtship, intimacy and love.

Strange Love: EPISODES (SLE) explores local community’s unique, eccentric, odd, quaint or outlandish experiences and  expressions of courtship, intimacy and love, and how might we envision them into the future. Through community discussions on themes from the books of Bell Hooks ” All About Love” and Ester Perel’s “Mating In Captivity”, (SLE) create 3 multi-media live jazz episodes that illustrate the internal impulses that influences the external appearances of courtship, intimacy and love through monologues, dance, vocal riffs and renditions of John Coltrane & Miles Davis music.

Strange Love:EPISODES has a 2022-2023 developmental performances and residencies at Snug Harbor Aug 6, 2022, Alpha Omega Studio Aug 5-7, 2022 and Billie Holiday Theater Art spaces throughout the year. We are currently seeking additional national and international future residency’s.

As we prepare for our upcoming Strange Love: EPISODES activities, we ask for your help to ensure that we successfully engage our efforts by making a tax-deductible donation to: nathantrice/rituals dance theater music
Donations made to nathantrice / RITUALS dance theater music will support our goal to continually present educational residencies and artistic performances that inspire dialogue and activism around the  Love, future of our youth and women’s Stories & experiences across cultures, generations and geographies. Please make a donation today.


“Strange Love: EPISODES is organic and emotionally rich with an intense physicality that describes the human experience.” – Dalia Ratnikas of the Brooklyn Rail

Trice excels at creating immersive multipart dances in non-theater spaces, putting the audience in the middle of the action in a way that is comfortably flexible. He clearly pours his soul into his projects, spending years conceiving and developing them, with performers who share his vision and join him on the journey.” – Quinn Batson of OFFOFFOFF Dance

Nathan and his company of multi-talented artist conducted a six month exploratory residency at FreeCandy.  An intimate sixty-seat warehouse art/performance space located in the Clinton-Hill/Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, NY. FreeCandy’s graffitied walls, neon painted antique & contemporary furniture and fixtures, and candled decorated bar with concocted drinks became the perfect setting for Strange Love: EPISODES. The combination of space and layered content rooted in Trice’s unique episodic structures created an intimate, urban, gritty mood where the audience and performers proximity invoked an inviting voyeurism between one another.

Strange Love: EPISODES is conceived, choreographed and directed by Nathan Trice, written by Nathan Trice with Charles DeVaux, music direction by Nick Jost, cinematography by filmmaker Vanja Srdic, projection designs by Ed Stone French, lighting design Eddie Stockton, photography by Judith Stuart & Ernesto Mancebo, and costume design by David Shen & Keiko Voltaire. The cast of multi-talented dancer/singers are: Nathan Trice, Tendayi Kuumba, Ryoji Sasamoto, Makiko Tamura, Tiffany Mellard, Damani Pompey, Jaquez A. Sims and Karina Ikezoe.