(AID) An Inquiry Dynamic is a 3-part Out-Door Dance Intensive W/Site-Specific Performances.                Artistic Director/Choreographer, Anti-Racist Organizer and Inter-Spiritual practitioner Nathan Trice initiates (A.I.D.) to inspire and guide dancers to create performances that ask, “what does it mean and take to be an Anti-Racist” and “can we hold Love as an ethic”.

Beginning Sept 7, 2020 thru June 2021 this dance intensive will be held in residence at Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company’s out-door studio and will be divided in to three-parts. 12 weeks during the Fall, 12 weeks during the Winter and 12 weeks during the Spring/Summer. The first and second sessions culminate with an out-door site-specific performance either at Restoration Plaza’s out-door amphitheater, Staten Island’s Snug Harbor Cultural Center’s out-door spaces or Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance out-door space.

  Inquire at: nathantrice_rituals@yahoo.com 

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