Brooklyn Rail – “Organic and emotionally rich, with an intense physicality that describes the human experience.”
New York IDANZ online – “Existential experimental dance theater at its finest, Nathan has put together a stellar group of multi-talented artists.”
New York Metro – “Nathan Trice explores what we feel and how we express it.”
The New York Times – “Bottom OF A Kiss Floating hints of a wide–awake imagination with a lush visual environment by Marilys Ernst.”
Times Union – “Trice the Multitalented, Ambitious, Visionary.”
DanceViewTimes – “An oasis of reflective calm, eloquent and attuned.”
The New York Sun – “Mr. Trice’s formidable intensity with young Mr. Walters admirable concentration commanded the stage with simple yet mesmerizing movements”
Bon Dia, ARUBA 2004 – “Exciting & Innovative, Thought provoking grace of body’s in motion.”
New York Metro – “Mothers” delivers the poetry of a mothers struggle to love her child yet let her child go.”