(A.I.D.) An Inquiry Dynamic: The Future is a 10-month interdisciplinary inquiry based mentor-ship program for junior & senior dancers who are interested in using future narratives, social sciences and the performing arts to explore & illustrate the trajectory of contemporary “Humanism, Spiritualism, Morality, Racism, Technology and Environmentalism”. In 2010 I began developing a dance intensive that would invite young dancers to collaboratively create work that use future narratives to investigate future of our contemporary times. Over the past 6 years I’ve incrementally included the social sciences to further our investigation into the trajectory of Humanism, Racism, Spirituality, Morality, Technology and Environmentalism.  Our process has become one where participants are invited to develop questions relating to the challenges of our contemporary environment and are then invited to inserted those current challenges into future narratives where the integration of race, biology and technology create new social, global and environmental challenges. Participants are then ask to imagining solutions to the contemporary challenges within the future narrative, while simultaneously exploring how their solutions might impact their future? We believe the integration and use of future narratives, social sciences and creative arts can help dancers develop forward-thinking practices and skills, as they navigate and problem-solve radical futures.

(A.I.D.) An Inquiry Dynamic: The Future  seeks to inspire a generation invested in a moral future.

Here and below are some samples of this project: https://youtu.be/J3JRwYXjFFc

Apply to our dance mentor-ship program by emailing: nathantrice_rituals@yahoo.com


When applying to our A.I.D. The Future mentor-ship program please submit the following materials:

  • An application (upon request via email)
  • One YouTube link of the applicant performing solo material of at least 1 – 2 minutes.
  • One full body 8 x 11 photo.
  • A clear copy of your college/university I.D., Drivers License or Passport if you are a non-US Citizen


  • One paragraph that express your thoughts on “the future of 1 of our 6 themes” ?  Your thoughts will play a significant role in designing the content, form and function of the mentor-ship activities.


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