(AID) An Inquiry Dynamic is a 3-part Out-Door Dance Intensive W/Site-Specific Performances. Artistic Director/Choreographer, Anti-Racist Organizer and Inter-Spiritual practitioner Nathan Trice initiates (A.I.D.) to inspire and guide dancers to create performances that ask, “what does it mean and take to be an Anti-Racist” and “can we hold Love as an ethic”.

Beginning Sept thru June 2021 this dance intensive will be held in residence at Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company’s out-door studio and will be divided in to three-parts. Pt 1. 12 weeks during the Fall, Pt 2. 12 weeks during the Winter and Pt 3. 12 weeks during the Spring/Summer. The first and third sessions culminate with out-door site-specific performances at Staten Island’s Snug Harbor Cultural Center’s out-door spaces and Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance out-door space.

Take a look at what we’ve been doing as we prepare for our Nov 2020 out-door performance: https://youtu.be/J3JRwYXjFFc

Session Times: 10am-3pm or 3-7pm

Pt 1. 12-Week Out-Door Classes, Creation, Opening Performances, On-line culminating classes.

Sept  – Nov , Mon – Thur, out-door in-person classes. On-line during weather interruptions.

10am – 11am  Yoga

11am – 12:30 Contemporary Tech & Phrase Development

12:30 – 1pm Lunch

1 – 3pm Dance Creation & Inquiry Development on Anti-Racist & Love as an ethic.

Culminating out-door site-specific performance reflecting inquiries.

Fee: $3,000.00 (some scholarship support)


Pt 2. 12-Week On-Line Classes & Discussion Series with Anti-Racist & Inter-Spiritual professionals.

Jan – Feb, Mon – Thur. On-line classes with some Out-Door classes when weather permits.

10am – 11am Yoga

11am – 12:30 Contemporary Modern Tech & Phrase

12:30 – 2:00pm Lunch & Discussion series with Anti-Racist & Inter-Spiritual Practitioners.

Culminating sharing of new understandings & inquiries into Anti-Racist & Love as an ethic.

Fee: $2,500.00 (some scholarship support)


Pt 3. 12-Week Out-Door Classes, Creation, Synthesis of Inquiries with Closing Performances.

April – June, Mon – Thur. Out-Door classes may resume in March depending on weather.

10am – 11am Yoga

11am – 12:30 Contemporary Tech & Phrase Development.

12:30 – 1pm Lunch

1 – 3pm Dance Creation, Syntheses of previous discussions & inquiries on Anti-Racist & Love as an ethic.

Culminating out-door site-specific performances reflecting inquiries, understandings and perspectives onwhat it means and takes to be an Anti-Racist” and “how we might hold Love as an ethic”.

Fee: $3,000.00 (some scholarship support)

Payment plans are optional.

The mission of (AID) An Inquiry Dynamic is to inspire a culture invested in moral inquiry that aims to collaboratively transform contemporary challenges into future solutions.

Apply to our Out-Door 3-Part Dance Intensive by emailing: nathantrice_rituals@yahoo.com


When applying to our Out-Door 3-Pt Dance Intensive please submit the following materials:

  • An application.
  • One YouTube link of the applicant performing solo material of at least 1 – 2 minutes.
  • One full body 8 x 11 photo.
  • A clear copy of your college/university I.D., Drivers License or Passport if you are a non-US Citizen


  • A one page reflection that expresses your thoughts on “what does it mean and take to be an Anti-Racist” and “can Love be held as an ethic”. Your thoughts will play a significant role in designing the content, form and function out out-door site-specific performances.

Payment Options:

Cash or Money Order made payable to Nathan Trice / RITUALS dance, theater, music


nathan trice / RITUALS Dance Intensive & Performance

525  E. 21st,  3 – G

Brooklyn, NY 11226