Out-Door Summer Intensive Two-Week Sessions: July 20 – July 31 | Aug 3 – Aug 14 |10am – 1pm |70 East 4th Street – New York, NY 10003 |Inquire at: nathantrice_rituals@yahoo.com

An Inquiry Dynamic into the future is a 2-week interdisciplinary out-door summer intensive that inspire dancers to use the arts, social sciences and futuristic narratives to explore the moral trajectory of our contemporary times.

As humanity’s evolving co-dependence on technology to activate public/private interactions mesh with its growing racial tensions, A.I.D. into the future invite dancers to explore their ideas of Identity and  Culture while imagining the moral trajectory of Humanity and Technology in a race based society.

Artistic Director Nathan Trice designs a choreographic framework inspired by dystopian future narratives to contextualize both, dancers notions of identity, culture and art and their current moral concerns with Humanity, Race and Technology evolving into the future.  Our goal is to guide dancers on a moral exploration to help transform their current notions and concerns of the future into contemporary forward-thinking solutions. Trice and his team accomplish this by compiling dancers notions and concerns to distill and synthesis what’s most morally common among them and then associate them with the problematic conditions found in the future narrative. Eco-terrorism, food and water shortages, and the reality of biotechnological enabled surveillance challenge dancers to collaboratively imagine moral solutions to coexisting in a ever-changing radical future society.  The summer intensive culminates with an informal on-line performance reflecting dancers unique inquires and perspectives on the future of our contemporary times.

The mission of An Inquiry Dynamic into the future is to inspire a culture of moral inquiry that seeks to collaboratively transform contemporary challenges into future solutions.

The summer intensive offers: Body-Conditioning and Groove Classes. Contemporary Dance Class. Movement & Text development practice and Daily Discussion’s Led by Nathan and his team of dancers & professionals.

Join us.


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Fee to attend our two-week On-line Summer Dance Intensive:  $350.00

Application Fee…. $00.00

Deposit Fee… $175.00  Due upon receiving an acceptance noticification.

Balance… $175.00  Due within the first week of intensive or per payment plan arrangement.

To receive an application to our Out-Door Summer Intensive contact us at:


To apply for our Out-Door Summer Intensive please submit the following materials:

  • An application.
  • One YouTube link of the applicant performing solo material of at least 1 – 2 minutes.
  • One full body 8 x 11 photo.
  • A clear copy of your present high-school or college/university I.D., or Passport if you are a non-US Citizen


  • A one page reflection that expresses your meaning of Identity & Culture, and the role of Humanity & Technology. Your reflections will play a significant role in designing the content, form and function of the on-line summer dance intensive.

Payment Options:

Cash or Money Order made payable to: Nathan Trice / RITUALS


nathantrice / RITUALS Summer Intensive 

525  E. 21st,  3 – G

Brooklyn, NY 11226