As humanity becomes more and more co-dependent on technology to activate and mediate public/private interactions, An Inquiry Dynamic into the future: Of Humanity and Technology ask participants to imagine the trajectory of our daily interactions when inserted into a futuristic narrative. A future where technological advancements influence social adaptation, and a radical re-imagining of morality becomes essential.

Artistic director Nathan Trice designs a choreographic framework inspired by various situations in Social Theorist/Writer Charles De Veauxs’ dystopian, futuristic, sci-fi narrative as a means to contextualize and transform participants daily concerns around humanity, technology and morality, into forward thinking solutions.  Trice and De Veaux compile and synthesis participants concerns to identify what’s most common among them and then associate those concerns with the problematic conditions found within the futuristic narrative. Eco-terrorism, food and water shortages, and the reality of biotechnological enabled surveillance challenge participants to collaboratively imagine solutions to the concerns of coexisting within the future society.  The goal of A.I.D. into the future of humanity and technology is to inspire participants to collaboratively inquire dynamically about their lives and their future morally.

The process offers daily technique class, improvisation, movement and text development practices with Nathan Trice and company members, weekly investigative research and discussion’s Led by Trice and Charles De Veaux.

At the completion of the intensive, participants will present a new creation during an informal studio performance.

Join us.

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The fee to attend is:  $500.00

Application Fee…. $25.00

Deposit Fee… $250.00  Due upon receiving acceptance letter.

Balance… $250.00  Due June 2019 or per payment plan agreement.

To receive an application to the intensive contact us at

To apply for our Summer Intensive Project and Performance please submit the following materials:

  • A non-refundable application & processing fee of  $25.00
  • One DVD or YouTube link of the applicant performing a solo or duet material of at least 2 minutes.
  • One full body 8 x 11 photo.
  • A clear copy of your present college or university I.D., or Passport if you are a non-US Citizen


  • A one page essay on what you feel to be the role of art, why it matters and who is it for? Your essay will play a significant role in designing the content, form and function of the summer intensive project.

All Certified Checks & Money Orders are made payable to: Nathan Trice / RITUALS


nathantrice/RITUALS Summer Intensive Project

525  E. 21st,  3 – G

Brooklyn, NY 11226