2017 RestorationART, ChoreoQuest Afro Pas De Duex Festival

2017 Recognizing Women Project Detroit @ The Wright Museum

2017 Recognizing Women Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2017 Summer Intensive Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2016 Strange Love @ NY Summer Stage

2016 Summer Intensive Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2015 Summer Intensive Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2014 Summer Intensive Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2013 Summer Intensive Project Brooklyn @ Kumble Theater

2012 Strange Love: EPISODES project May-Dec Brooklyn @ FreeCandy

2012 Summer Intensive Project Manhattan @ Pediactrics 2000

2011 Recognizing Women Project Season NY, CA, NJ

2011 Summer Intensive Project @ City Center Studios

2010 Strange Love NY @ Summer Stage

2010 Summer Intensive Project NY @City Center Studios

2009 Hong Kong Hip Hop Festival

2009 nathantrice/RITUALS Us: a project NY @ FAME school

2009 Summer Intensive Project Manhattan @ City Center Studios

2008 Sole in One/Alydia Weaver, Aruba Tour

2008 Harkness Dance Festival Season NY

2008 Summer Intensive Project NY @ LaGuardia High School Studios

2007 Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival Season Tour

2007 MOTHERS Tour Vassar College

2007 Summer Intensive Project @ LaGuardia High School Studios

2007 In The Company Of Men Co Performance NY

2006 nathantrice/RITUALS Aruba Tour

2006 City Center Fall for Dance Co Performance NY

2006 Heidi Latsky Dance Co Performance NY

2006 Joyce SoHo UDC & nathantrice/RITUALS Co Performance NY

2005 & 06 Forces of Nature Dance Co. Tour

2005 Alpha Omega Dance Co. NY

2005 Lincoln Center out-of Doors Co Performance NY

2005 Burnt Sugar Arkestra Summer Stage Co Performance NY

2005 Recognizing Women Project NY Ailey Citi Group Theater

2004 Gabri Christa Danzaiza DTW Season NY

2004 nathantrice/RITUALS Aruba Tour

2004 nathantrice/RITUALS Bermuda Tour

2004 nathantrice/RITUALS NOMAD Season NY

2003 ChoreoQuest At Brooklyn Museum NY

2003 Saint Marks Church Co Performance

2003 Connecticut Ballet Men’s Project NY

2003 SummerStage Co performance NY

2003 nathantrice/RITUALS Season NY

2003 Recognizing Women Project NY Kumble Triangle Theater

2002 In the Company of Men Co performance NY

2002 Jacobs Pillow (inside outside series) Tour

2002 Recognizing Women Project NY Judson Church

2001 Recognizing Women Project NY Judson Church & TX

2000 In The Company of Men Co Performance NY

2000 nathantrice/RITUALS NY Judson Memorial Church

2001 & 02 & 03 Aaron Davis Halls E-MOVES Co Performance NY

1999 Congreso International De Danza Argentina Tour

1999 nathantrice/RITUALS Season NY

1998 HIROSHIMA City Museum of Contemporary Art Tour

1998 nathantrice/RITUALS in Relations Season NY

1996 STUFF an evening of works by Nathan Trice Project NY


2014-15 Joffrey Summer Jazz Intensive

2013 Spring Semester Duke University Dance Department

2001 – 2012 Long Island University Dance Program

2009 Oklahoma University

2007 – 2009 LaGuardia High School Dance Department

2000 – 2003 United Dance Productions, Bermuda

2003 – Present Steps Professional Dance Studio NYC

2000 – Present Peridance Professional Dance Studio NYC

1999 Ballettforder Zentrum Nurnberg E. V Germany

1993 – 2000 Alvin Ailey Summer Camp

Residency/Workshops/Master Class/Commission:

2017/18 Recognizing Women Project Brooklyn

2017/18 Recognizing Women Project CT, Taft Boarding School

2017 Armstrong Dance commission, Paris, Fr

2017 Rick Odums Jazz School, Paris France (Workshop)

2016 Washington University Guest Artist/Commission

2016 Joffrey Ballet School (Commission)

2015 UNCG Guest Artist/Commission

2015 University of Richmond Guest Artist/Commission

2015 Joffrey Ballet School (Commission)

2015 Alvin Ailey (Commission)

2014 Vassar College (Master Class)

2013 Virginia Commonwealth University (Class/Commission)

2013 Tish University (Commission)

2013 Duke University (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2012 Wayne State University (Master Class/Commission)

2012 Alvin Ailey BFA (Commission)

2011 Boston University (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2010/11 Hofstra University (Commission)

2009 Lines BFA (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2009 Oklahoma University (Resident Guest Artist)

2008 Long Island University (Faculty/Guest Artist/Commission)

2007 Minnesota University (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2006 Scottsdale University (Master Class/Commission)

2005 Boston Arts Academy (Master Class/Commission)

2005 Julliard Conservatory (Master Class/Commission)

2005 – 06 Debbie Allen Dance Academy (Workshop/Commission)

2004 – 08 LaGuardia High School Dance Dept (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2004 Skol di Ballet, Aruba (Resident Guest Artist)

2003 University of Tennessee Dance Department (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

2001 – 03 Creative Arts Program (CAP21) (Master Class/Workshop)

2003 – Present Steps Professional Dance Studio (Workshop/Master Class)

2000 – Present Peridance Professional Dance Studio (Workshop/Master Class)

2000 Rick Odums Jazz School, Paris France (Workshop) 2000 Studio Harmonic, Paris France (Workshop)

1999 American Dance Festival (Resident Guest Artist)

1998 Professional Dance Center, Tokyo, Japan (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

1998 Hollins University (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

1997 Hollins University (Resident Guest Artist/Commission)

1995 Federation Regionale de Danse de Guyane Francaise, (Resident Guest Artist/Master Class/Workshops)


2009 Heidi Latsky Dance

2006- present Forces Of Nature Dance Theater Guest artist

1998- present nathantrice/RITUALS project-by-project Co.

1994-1998 Complexions Contemporary Ballet

1994-1998 Donald Byrd/The Group

1995-1997 Joseph Holmes Chicago Dance Theater

1993-1995 MOMIX Dance Company


1991-1993 Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Certificate Program

1988-1991 San Diego Mesa College of Dance

1988-1991 San Diego City College of Dance

1985-1990 United States Navel Service